Selecting My Blogging Platform

Now that I have selected my name, I had to select a platform to publish on. I looked at several options including WordPress, Ghost, Blogger, and a few others. WordPress was the front runner for a while, but what I really wanted was a simplistic method to host static pages, version control, create and edit content anywhere, support for a custom domain name, and as free as possible.

After much deliberation, I selected GitHub Pages to host my content. While I am not a coding guru, I do understand the need for a version control system and have been using GitHub off and on for years as I attempt to learn various languages and concepts. GitHub itself would provide the version control, and the GitHub Pages would check the boxes for hosting static pages, support for a custom domain name, and be completely free. As GitHub Pages is just a method for presenting HTML content, I now needed a method to generate the site framework to make it look pretty and readable.

At first, I considered Jekyll but poking around the internet a bit, I ended up selecting Hugo as my site framework. I had never worked with a content generator like Hugo before, but thanks to a YouTube video series by Giraffe Academy, I was able to get up and running quickly. With the selection of Hugo, I have now filled all the requirements I set out for selecting a platform. Now all I need to do is execute.

My next post will focus on setting up my Hugo environment, configuration of GitHub, and DNS settings to get it all up and running. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.

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